February 6, 2014
11-Year-Old Boy Found Handcuffed To Porch With Dead Chicken By Foster Parents

An 11-year-old boy was found on Friday handcuffed to the porch his foster home with a dead chicken around his neck.

According to neighbors, the child was routinely chained by his foster parents to a piece of steel inside the farmhouse, as well as on the porch, to prevent him from running away.

Police in North Carolina reported that the case is even more shocking as details emerged of a feces-covered house which would "take your breath away."

Neighbors also told police that other children who lived in the house would beg them for food.They said that they were being starved by their foster parents, Wanda Sue Larson, a social worker and Dorian Lee Harper, a nurse.

The couple have been charged with intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury and false imprisonment. The couple also have four other adopted children aged from eight to 14.

A neighbor, Mr Mills, said that in the summer the boy came running to his home panicking and in tears and said: ''Mister, can I have something to eat?''

Mills said about the child: "He looked the smallest one out of the bunch.... We just assumed he was kind of scared, (being in a) new house, new area, new siblings."

When his wife told the boy, once she had fed him a sandwich, that she would take him home he replied: "No. I want to stay here."

Eddie Cathey, the Union County Sheriff, who handled the case said the conditions in the house where the boy was found were awful: "It was filthy, feces on the floor, holes in the wall."

He said about the conditions in the house: "The bathroom, you could see from outside of the hall into the bathroom. Sink was trashed. No running water. The smell took your breath away."

All of the children living in the house were reported to be suffeing from malnutrition and were filthy. Sheriff Casey said that the first thing police officers did was to buy the children pizza.