LeSean McCoy Steals Banner From Redskins Fans Before Sunday’s Game

LeSean McCoy doesn’t want to see a banner with the opposing team’s colors in his home stadium.

Before his team’s game Sunday against the Washington Redskins, the running back walked up to some fans at the edge of the crowd who were leading over to give him a high five or pat him on the helmet. But he wasn’t interested in greeting them.

Instead, LeSean McCoy ripped a banner away from a pair of Redskins fans, then crumpled it into his hand and walked away.

Taking the distraction away may have helped McCoy. He ran for a pair of touchdowns in the game to go along with 77 yards rushing, propelling his team to a 24-16 victory over their division rival.

After the game, McCoy said the Eagles are coming together as a team.

“We’re all playing as one,” McCoy said. “Earlier in the year, the offense was playing good and defense wasn’t or defense was playing good and offense wasn’t. Now we’re clicking.”

That may be related to LeSean McCoy patrolling the stands and taking banners from opposing fans.

Eagles fans seem to be on board with making rival teams feel unwelcome at Lincoln Field. As the Redskins team bus rolled into Philadelphia this weekend, some fervent Eagles fans were there to egg it.

McCoy hasn’t been a stranger to controversy this year. Earlier in the season, he sent a tweet saying that Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno “sucks.” He refused to address it later on, but did keep the tweet up.

“The only thing coach said to me was stay focused on the next game,” McCoy said when reporters asked about the tweet. “That’s what really matters. We’ve got Tampa. It’s a big game for us to win. So that’s what I’m really worried about.”

The message to opposing fans is now clear — if you want to root against the Eagles, either leave the banner at home or risk LeSean McCoy taking it as a souvenir.