Paxil SNL Skit Spoofs Obama’s Second Term Blues, Tea Party And More [Video]

A Paxil SNL skit spoofs Obama’s second term blues and covers other political “stress related” depression issues.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lady Gaga also did some SNL skits poking fun at herself.

The sketch starts with the typical ad-like questions:

“Are you feeling depressed? Rundown? Like you just can’t win? Are you the President of the United States?”

Then Jay Pharoah appears as a down and out President Obama. The “ads” then roasted Obama’s experience with the typical “lame duck” status a lot of presidents have dealt with, and suggested the antidote could be found in “Second Term Strength” Paxil. Paxil Second Term strength promises Obama could recall the glory days:

“With Paxil, you’ll feel like you’re giving a speech at a college campus in 2008, or getting bin Laden all over again, so you can turn those approval ratings upside down.

To give you an idea, President Obama’s approval rating is actually worse than George W. Bush, and many Americans consider Obama a worse “incompetent liar” based upon poll questions.

The skit then boasts Paxil Second Term Strength is strong enough to handle such symptoms as: NSA, IRS and AP scandals, Benghazi, and, of course, the Obamacare web site. As each is mentioned, “Obama” is seen downing increasing amounts of Paxil. It then adds that Paxil Second Term Strength is not covered by Obamacare. In closing, the skit also offered Paxil, Republican Strength and showed a Tea Partier bent over yelling in a Republican’s face.

Other politically-based skits include the opening with Farleyesque Bobby Moynihan as Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford. The skit parodied Mayor Fords repetitious public apologies, and subsequent apologies for the apologies gone wrong. Hitting so close to home as to be almost indistinguishable from reality, the scene portrayed the Mayor smoking crack, buying drugs, driving and drinking, and using strong language on live TV. Searching for an antidote for all the bumbled attempts at apology, the “Mayor” then searched for a show that would “believe him” despite all the public mishaps, in a nod to the recent 60 Minutes blunder about their Benghazi coverage.

Does President Obama need some second term medicine as shown in the Paxil SNL skit?