NFL Fan Falls From Upper Deck At Buffalo Bills Game, Video Captured By CBS Cameras

An NFL fan fell from the upper deck at the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday, and the frightening accident was caught live by CBS cameras.

Officials for the Buffalo Bills said the fan fell from the 300 level to the 200 level during the second quarter of the team’s game on Sunday, landing on another fan.

Stadium crews responded quickly after the NFL fan fell from the upper deck, treating both individuals.

It was difficult to tell from the CBS video what caused the fan to fall from the upper deck. The fan is seen only in the background and appears to be sliding down an outer railing, but it’s not clear if the act was intentional. To complicate matters, winds around Ralph Wilson Stadium topped 30 miles per hour at times during Sunday’s game.

Last year a fan died at a Buffalo Bills game after falling down a ravine and into a creek that runs just outside the stadium. During the game, a Thursday Night Football contest against the Miami Dolphins, 26-year-old David Gerken was ejected from the stadium for being intoxicated. Gerken told his brother and their friends that he would meet them in a bar after the game, but never showed up.

Police used a ping on Gerken’s cell phone to find him early the next morning, finding him dead in the nearby creek, The Buffalo News reported.

The Bills released a statement about the fan who died at the NFL game at the time, saying: “We are deeply saddened to hear of this news this morning. While the loss of life is always tragic, the loss of a young life is even more so. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family. We are currently cooperating with law enforcement officials to find out the details of this unfortunate incident.”

Both the NFL fan who fell from the upper deck at the Buffalo Bills game and the individual the fan fell onto were taken to the hospital for observation, but both are expected to survive.