Justin Bieber, Tyga: 'Wait For A Minute' Behind The Scenes Video

Tyga and Justin Bieber's collaborative single "Wait For A Minute" will shortly roll out a Matrix-inspired video, that will see the pair flex their powers to stop time.

The video was filmed on Thursday night in Long Beach, California and promises to reveal state of the art effects that should thrill both artists fans.

Produced by mutual friend Maejor Ali, "Wait For A Minute" was originally destined to be a track for Bieber's in-the-works album but is now the lead single for Tyga's upcoming The Gold Album: The 18th Dynasty.

The R&B slow-jam was released on iTunes in October after teasers and a version also appeared on Believe tour deejay Tay James' September releasing "WeKnowTheDJ radio Vol. 3″ mixtape.

MTV News scooped details of the video shoot in an on-set visit, which naturally uses green screen and gorgeous girls to suit the seductive nature of the track.

"We got some of the guys that do CGI for some of the big movies," Tyga reveals.

He adds, "We're freezing time and switching different worlds trying to get away from certain things — the negative that comes with the lifestyle."

The Young Money rapper likens the track to "Deuces", his #1 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop hit with Chris Brown, and says, "I just always want to take it to another level, instead of just shooting this regular story. Just be creative and try to do something way different."

While on-set, Tyga told MTV Bieber's maturing musicality was a big part of what attracted him to the pair-up.

"He's in his transition period. I felt like when me and Chris did 'Deuces,' it was a moment, so I felt like this would be a big moment for both of us with this song," T-Raww notes.

On "Wait For A Minute," Tyga's deadpan rap style interplays with Bieber's velvet vocalizing.

The track features a sparse walking bass, finger clicks, and mood setting sonics.

Lyrically, the song centers on lovers enjoying romantic pleasures after getting out of dodge to "a place you ain't never seen before."

Gif's of the shoot are already delighting fans. Now all that remains is the full video drop to see how the Matrix-inspired effects play out in Bieber and Tyga's team-up.

Justin Bieber, Tyga 'Wait For A Minute' Artwork