Justin Bieber: ‘Wait For A Minute’ Feat. Tyga, Finally The Fullness

Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Young Money rapper Tyga on “Wait For A Minute” finally arrives in full.

The song will appear on the Believe tour DJ Tay James’ forthcoming WeKnowTheDJ Radio Vol. 3 mixtape.

Teased back in April when a surprise YouTube of James, Bieber, and his crew playing the track to an unsuspecting Stockholm nightclub full of screaming, iPhone waving clubgoers appeared online, later encored by a longer preview in June, the full version of “Wait For A Minute” does not disappoint.

Featuring a creeping bass, the barest of beats, hand clicks, and mood sonics in the background, the 19-year-old matches the song’s tempered seduction with delicate, velveteen vocalizing around Tyga’s deadpan rap.

With lyrics that are about as far away as one could get from the brazen explicitness of the recently outed N-word track that was falsely attributed to Bieber this past week, “Wait For A Minute” boasts considerably more subtle references to sexual promise as the Canadian teen croons,


“If you’re not with me, well if you take my hand babe / we can go to a place you ain’t never seen before, Slowdance in the moonlight / I’m just trying to set the mood right, I’m just doing what a dude do, do it over and over and over/ quickly run around with me now, swiftly just come with me I / footsteps go to the beat now over and over and over,”


“It’s just the way that, way that, way that you do me babe/ well I could say that, say that, say that, I’ll behave, but I’d be lying babe,”

[Chorus – call and answer]:

“Just wanna wait for a minute, wait for a minute, wait for a minute, just wanna [pray/play?] for a minute, [pray/play?] for a minute baby,”

Enter stage left, Tyga.

Convincingly adult and also credible, this offering will likely sate Bieber’s fans until his solo single “Heartbreaker” debuts.

If this 3:20 minute slice of lean soul is any indication of Justin’s music to come, his transition from teen idol to a more mature, broader appeal could well be on the cards. According to former tour mate and songstress of the moment, Ariana Grande, the superstar’s upcoming single is worth waiting for.

The 20-year-old told Hollywood Life, “Oh my God! I did hear ‘Heartbreaker’ and it’s really good… I can’t say anything about it but his fans are going to be really happy!”

Note: The download at the official audiomack link has been removed as of press time.

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