Camille Grammer 'Traumatized' By Recent Assault, Currently Working With Therapist

Camille Grammer recently revealed that an alleged assault by ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos left her feeling completely "traumatized."

The reality TV star discussed the incident during a recent chat with Dr. Oz. In addition to opening up about the violent episode that unfolded in a Houston hotel last month, she also discussed how her cancer diagnosis affected her family. According to ABC News, Grammer is working with a therapist in an effort to get her life back in order.

She told Dr. Oz:

"Oh, it was just terrible 'cause, you know, right after any kind of procedure, you want to be surrounded by love and you need good healing vibes and positive energy around you... somebody's there to take care of you and love you, and... I was physically abused and assaulted by this person and it was very traumatizing. But now, I'm working with a therapist, and I'm going to be okay."

The New York Daily News reports that Camille Grammer was allegedly beaten and threatened by her ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos on October 16 in Texas. The incident reportedly occurred while Grammer was recovering from surgery.

According to reports, the situation turned violent when Charalambopoulos received texts and an angry voicemail from another woman. As the altercation escalated, Grammer's boyfriend allegedly slammed her head against a headboard and pulled out clumps of her hair.

Despite everything that's happened, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said she is doing well following the assault and the surgery.

"It's been four weeks today, a month ago. I'm feeling great. I have to say once in a while I'll get a little pain here and there, but I'm walking around. I was able to go trick-or-treating with my kids and my life is moving forward and I'm feeling very well," Grammer said.

In addition to discussing the alleged assault and her recovery, Camille Grammer opened up about the moment she discovered she had cancer. According to the reality television vet, her "heart sank" when she received the news.

"You know, you think about your children, am I gonna make it, I want to be alive for them. I want to see my daughter get married, I want to see my son get married, graduate high school, college," Grammer explained.

She added, "My ex-husband hasn't seen the kids since July, so I'm mom. I really needed to be here for them. My son doesn't really understand it that well, but my daughter said, Mom, I'm so glad you're getting surgery 'cause then the cancer's gonna be all gone."

You can catch the entire episode of Dr. Oz featuring Camille Grammer on Monday.

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