December 27, 2013
'American Hustle' Roundup Features Bradley Cooper's Perm And More

So far, everyone has been anticipating David O. Russell's American Hustle. It drops right before the Oscar race is over on December 18, and much has been said about the physical transformations of his lead actors Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper.

Although we have yet to hear any kind of critical reception in regards to the film as a whole, we did have a little preview of what kind of reception we can expect in the future. Over the weekend the AFI Film Festival was the first on the circuit to premiere the first six minutes of David O. Russel's American Hustle.

Following the six-minute sneak peek of American Hustle, many outlets called the sneak peek an entertaining run, which is not surprising going by the flashy, fast-paced trailers we've seen that feature a slick-talking Christian Bale, a permed Bradley Cooper, and a sexed up Jennifer Lawrence. Couple that with the music from the 70s and we may have some magic on our hands.

Even though promotion for American Hustle isn't underway just yet, David O. Russell has been making sure that people are at least talking about his new film. According to USA Today, the director loves casting against type, which is evident in the trailer for the film.

David O. Russell had this to say when asked about the flashy crime film:

"I'm superstitious so I don't want to say too much, but I'm very excited about it. We watched the film yesterday and it's wonderful to see when everything comes together at a higher level than it was before, even when you were excited about it before."

For the newly released television spot, Led Zeppelin colors the world of David O. Russell's gangster film.

As for those first six minutes? USA TODAY describes it as:

"The clip opens on a paunchy, balding Christian Bale methodically applying a toupee with glue in a room at the Plaza Hotel. Enter cocky FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), who tussles briefly with the scam artist over Bale's British lover (Amy Adams). All are preparing a sting operation involving the mayor (Jeremy Renner), which immediately goes wrong."

Are you looking forward to seeing American Hustle?