Brad Pitt’s Movie Director Apologizes For Filming War Scenes On Remembrance Day

Brad Pitt’s new World War II movie director, David Ayer, was forced to apologize for the seemingly insensitive decision of filming war scenes during Monday’s Remembrance Day, the equivalent of Veteran’s Day in the US.

Ayer decided to go ahead with the filming of war scenes in the dawn hours of Sunday in Oxfordshire while the country remembered fallen and living veterans.

The director of Brad Pitt’s second WWII movie, Fury, offered his “heartfelt apologies” after many complained that it was inappropriate to be shooting the movie about the second world war on that particular day.

The complaints stem from the fact that some of the extras on set were wearing Nazi uniforms. Considering that the Nazis are responsible for hundreds of thousands of casualties suffered by the British and allied forces during the war, it’s no surprise that complaints were levied against the movie on that particular day of remembrance.

Brad Pitt’s movie director, David Ayer, apologized after residents of the Oxfordshire village were awoken by the sound of explosions and gunfire during Sunday’s early morning hours.

The scenes involved soldiers in Nazi uniforms and were filmed until 2:30 am on the set simulating the battlefield in Shirburn, Oxfordshire, where Fury is currently being shot.

Ayer posted an apologetic a message on Twitter.

He added “the story has been a tad exaggerated” and said filming ended at 2 am on Sunday morning.

Some came to Ayers’ defense on the social media site, saying that there wasn’t a problem with the shoot’s timing.

Ayers clarified his actions following complaints from locals.

As far as Brad Pitt’s movie, David Ayers has been sharing some behind-the-scenes photos on his Twitter page as well.

Sony Pictures, who is producing the film, issued a separate apology saying they “deeply regret any misunderstandings caused.”

Residents of the Oxfordshire village in which the movie is being shot were sent a letter in September informing them of the filming of Fury, which tells the story “of a crew of Americans in Nazi Germany toward the end of World War II who embark on a brave missio.” The film stars such talent as Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf, Logan Lerman, and Jason Isaacs.