Taylor Swift And Lorde Share Lunch And Are Now BFFs

Music lovers beware, the 16-year-old vocalist known as Lorde to some, and the leader of the hipster movement to others is friends with the breakup songstress Taylor Swift. This comes as a pretty big surprise considering back in October the newcomer received criticism for her comments on Swift being an unrealistic model for teens. Then again, she also said she relates to Kanye West too — so there’s that.

For those of you that have abandoned Top 40 or are truly living under a rock, Lorde debuted her first single called “Royals” and has scored a top spot on the Billboard charts for six weeks in a row. Lorde has received attention for her sultry and incredibly mature vocals, as well as her message of shaming the glam life that often sung about in songs. Since the debut, Lorde’s song has captivated the media because of what it says about the glamorization of high society lifestyles of the rich and the famous.

There wasn’t a question about whether or not Lorde is a pretty big deal — she is, and for all the above reasons, but now she’s cemented the fact by having lunch with Taylor Swift. Putting those rumors to rest that the girls are at each other’s throats, Lorde and Swift grabbed lunch at the Shake Shack in New York City on Madison Avenue.

Since her original comments on Swift, Lorde has done her best to clear the air by admitting that she actually is a good role model because of the positive message she inspires in young women. Lorde recently retracted her earlier comments via her public Tumblr:

“I feel like Taylor Swift is a really good role model. The girls who listen to her music are so devoted to her. I think what she’s saying is pretty cool. I think it’s empowering.”

Do you think Lorde and Taylor Swift’s friendship will last?