Philippines Typhoon Survivors Desperate As Aid From US, UK On Its Way

Typhoon survivors in the Philippines are increasingly desperate as aid slowly comes in from the US, the UK, other countries and organizations from around the world.

The damage left behind by the Typhoon can only be described as utter devastation.

Estimates are that 10,000 lost their lives during the storm, but that number could rise according to authorities since there are many areas that are inaccessible at this time.

Two Philippine Air Force C-130s arrived at the ravaged airport where thousands had traveled to, in an effort to escape the devastation. Only a few hundred got out, according to reports.

Thousands were left behind after begging to be allowed to get on board. Many mothers with young children who lack food, water, and the basic necessities to live in a dignified way were seen desperately crying for help for their children.

“We need help. Nothing is happening,” said Aristone Balute, an 81-year-old who wasn’t able to get on the flight. “We haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon.” She told CBS with soaking clothes and tears streaming down her face.

The situation at the airport and large areas of the country is dire.

“I don’t believe there is a single structure that is not destroyed or severely damaged in some way – every single building, every single house,” U.S. Marine Brigadier General Paul Kennedy said after taking a helicopter flight over Tacloban, the area that received the brunt of the storm.

The US military is sending food, water, generators, and Marines to the city, leading the way in the major international relief mission.

Doctors say they are desperate for medicines as a makeshift hospital was set up at an airport where they treated around 1,000 for cuts, bruises, and other minor injuries.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Air Force Captain Antonio Tamayo. “We need more medicine. We cannot give anti-tetanus vaccine shots because we have none.”

Typhoon Haiyan as it approached the Philippines

The US, who is providing $20 million in emergency aid immediately, is sending the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, which is expected to arrive in about two days, according to the Pentagon.

Other countries including the UK, Australia, and Japan are also sending millions in aid to the victims of the Philippines typhoon.

The United Nations said it had released $25 million in emergency funds and was launching an emergency appeal requesting money in an effort to help the island nation.

“We have deployed specialist teams, vital logistics support and dispatched critical supplies – but we have to do more and faster,” Chief Valerie Amos of the U.N. Humanitarian mission said on Tuesday.

As many as 41 provinces were affected by the typhoon, known as Haiyan in Asia, but called Yolanda in the Philippines. The typhoon is likely the deadliest natural disaster to hit the region, which is made of 7,000 islands.

Major superpower China is being criticized for only pledging $200,000 to the Philippines typhoon relief effort.

The Inquisitr published a list of organizations that are accepting donations to help with the relief effort for the Philippines typhoon victims.