White Supremacist Finds Out He’s Part Black On ‘The Trisha Show’ [Video]

White supremacist Craig Cobb, who recently led a movement to turn Leith, North Dakota, into a whites-only town, was handed a shocking revelation during a taping of The Trisha Show.

Cobb submitted to a DNA test as part of host Trisha Goddard’s “Race in America” series and learned that he has 86 percent genetic European ancestry — and 14 percent sub-Saharan African ancestry.

As the audience clapped and roared with laughter, Cobb looked around and said, “This is called statistical noise.”

But Goddard wouldn’t let him off the hook that easily and said, visibly amused, “Sweetheart, you have a little black in you.”

Cobb disagreed with the DNA results and said, “I’ll tell you this, oil and water don’t mix.”

Goddard attempted to give Cobb a fist bump, saying, “Hey, bro,” but Cobb pulled his hand away. The episode will air on November 18.

Craig Cobb told The Daily Mail that he agreed to the test because he “assumed it was science.” But the 62-year-old said the procedure was scientifically bankrupt and the product of “craven and debased executives” whose “goal is to shock.”

Cobb said, “When I told Jeff Schoep [leader of the National Socialism Movement] he just laughed.” He also described the DNA results as “short science” used by a sensationalist TV show to “promote multiculturalism.”

Cobb has been buying properties in Leith, North Dakota, for over a year, and has been inviting fellow white supremacists to move in and set up a “Pioneer Little Europe.” Cobb said he had received many offers to buy land in the town from “like-minded people” who believe whites should be punished for wanting to live near each other.

Jeff Schoep, who has been chairman of the Nationalist Socialist Movement since 1994, said, “It’s fine for all these other minorities, but not us.”

The town’s only black resident, Bobby Harper, is a member of the town council. His wife, Sherrill, is white. The couple recently found a note pinned to their door that read, “What are you doing ‘married’ to a Negro?” The note also demanded that Sherrill Harper leave her husband and join the MSM. During a previous appearance on The Trisha Show, Craig Cobb demeaned the couple’s relationship, saying, “She has her pet, you see.”