PS4 Release Date Will Arrive With Free Stuff

The PS4 release date is almost here, and with it will come a couple of offers for free stuff.

After following the next gen console war, it’s all too obvious why the PlayStation 4 is winning. Microsoft can’t seem to shut up and keep their foot out of their mouth. The PlayStation 4 might not have all of the bells and whistles that the Xbox One may have, but as Sony stated a few months ago, their machine is a gaming console first and foremost.

That said, it’s already been pointed out in Sony’s favor that the PlayStation 4 will have 900p to 1080p native resolution straight out of the box. The Xbone only runs at 720p and upscales to match. The technical advantage in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war goes to Sony.

As the PS4 release date approaches in just a few days, Sony has a few extras to give you. First off, they are offering a $10 voucher for PlayStation Store credit.

If you manage to grab one of the lower cost consoles which don’t come with any games, the store credit might just let you snag a cool retro or arcade title to tide you over for when you get your first full-on disc-based PlayStation 4 game.

Perhaps you could use that $10 PlayStation Store credit toward a copy of Resogun or Angry Birds Star Wars. Don’t forget that just because there aren’t many games to choose from in the PS4 launch title library, some winners are on the way. That’s how it happened with the PS3, and this time Sony has the price advantage.

Another advantage to choosing Sony’s console in the PS4 vs Xbox One war is the 30-day free trial of PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited. You will be able to play whatever multiplayer PlayStation 4 games you might buy with your friends for a month right off, and enjoy some music and movies while you’re at it.

It looks like the Xbone doesn’t have a chance when the PS4 release date hits in less than a week.