‘Watch Dogs’ PS4 Footage In Xbox One Trailer Was Ubisoft’s Mistake, Or Was It? [Op-Ed]

The Watch Dogs PS4 footage recently leaked in an Xbox One trailer was said to be Ubisoft’s mistake, but there could be more to it than that. Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb went on the record as saying that the Assassin’s Creed producer had accidentally released the footage in a trailer for the wrong console.

With Watch Dogs being delayed to “fine tune” its gameplay and such, it has been said that the delay was actually an attempt to avoid going head to head with more infamous titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Grand Theft Auto 5. It looks like Watch Dogs could be the center of a lot of potential alternate motives, so an accidental trailer released for the wrong console wouldn’t be that surprising.

It was recently revealed on The Inquisitr that Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 would be running natively with better resolution on the PlayStation 4 than they would on the Xbox One. That meant that Microsoft may have needed to “slip up” on a trailer or something to make their next gen version of Watch Dogs look better. Then all Microsoft would have to do is have Major Nelson blame the game’s producer.

The Watch Dogs PS4 footage mixup might not have been a mistake at all. The PlayStation 4 will natively run two major games at 1080p, while the Xbox One runs them at 720p and upscales them. Watch Dogs is a title that a lot of gamers are still looking forward to, and like most other games it will probably look better on the PlayStation 4.

Major Nelson mentioned the mistake on Reddit, “Hey – just seeing this now. Good catch! Looks like there was a mix up at Ubisoft when they provided this video. I am told that they are on the case will provide more news on Watch_Dogs at a later date.”

Microsoft would definitely be desperate enough at this point to try to fool gamers with switched footage, and they are getting talented at backpedaling. Their PR has taken back so many statements over the last year that I’ve practically lost count. First it was the “always on” internet requirement. Then it was the DRM controls on used games, and so on.

Major Nelson says ‘Watch Dogs’ PS4 footage in Xbox One trailer was Ubisoft’s mistake

Now if Microsoft’s Major Nelson is giving us the truth about the Watch Dogs PS4 footage, and not just another public denial, we can forgive him for that.

So far though, the only actual Xbox One gameplay rumors we can rely on came from a Target customer who received his console early and had it temporarily blocked from Xbox Live. Why would Microsoft do that? The console is less than two weeks away, so why are they still so secretive? Can we trust anything Microsoft tells us at this point?

This is why I’m questioning whether the Watch Dogs PS4 footage on Xbox One was actually a mistake at all. If Ubisoft slipped up, wouldn’t you think they should be the ones to admit it?

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