Sex With Sven: ‘As Exciting As An Ikea Instruction Manual’

According to TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson, making love with Sven-Goran Eriksson was as dull as putting together Ikea flat-pack furniture. She said, “Sex with Sven was as ordered and functional as an Ikea instruction manual. Putting together a Billy bookcase would have probably left me more satisfied.”

Jonsson, 46, revealed that Sven loved to “talk dirty” in broken English when they were in bed.

He didn’t speak English well at all so we always spoke Swedish to each other. But when we were in the bedroom he always talked dirty in broken English. It would have been better if he hadn’t spoken at all. I had to do all the work and the sex was always over very quickly.

All these salacious details follow the serialization by Mail Group newspapers of parts of Sven Goran-Eriksson’s recently published autobiography.

Jonsson said after their four-month secret affair was exposed, Eriksson was physically attacked by his girlfriend, Nancy Dell O’lio. “She was aggressive with him and he told me that many times.” But she claimed Dell O’lio should be grateful for the scandal because it made her famous.

Miss Jonsson said Eriksson, 65, and Miss Dell’Olio, 52, were not suited.

She told The Sun:

Sven studied philosophy, he is a calm and logical man. She is a fiesty fruitcake.
She was with him for money and he was with her because he was scared of what she’d do if he wasn’t. When I asked him why he didn’t leave her he said it would cost him too much. But I could tell it was more that he was scared of her.

Miss Jonsson’s affair with Eriksson began in January 2002, a month after they first met at a party. Eriksson revealed that it started when they met for the second time at a function in Manchester.

He wrote:

I was there with some people from the FA. For some reason, Ulrika was also invited. We met at the hotel the evening before and ended up spending the night together. After that, Ulrika and I met when we could. Not daily, but now and then. It got to be more and more serious. To Nancy, Ulrika was little more than a prostitute who was not worthy of being on the same planet as Miss Dell’Olio

Sven Goran-Eriksson, now a football coach in China, said he did not feel he had anything to apologize for and claimed he received a positive reaction from the public.

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