Chaz Bono Is Cher’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Mentor

Chaz Bono has been mentoring superstar singer Cher to make sure his mom doesn’t mess up the show too badly.

Cher told ABC News during a conference call on Sunday that she knows “people take this seriously” while adding, “I just don’t want to be responsible for someone getting a different mark than a professional would give them.”

Cher, 67, is currently touring on her farewell tour but took some time out of her busy schedule to appear as a guest judge for this weeks show. Cher admits that she is not the most qualified judge in the world because she doesn’t really know much about ballroom dancing.

I don’t want anyone to not have all the breaks they would have with someone with expertise,” she said. “I am a little bit worried about that part.”

Chaz Bono competed on the show in 2011 and Cher decided that asking her son for advice would help even the playing field for expertise.

“He’s coming tonight to give me tips!” she exclaimed. “He said, ‘Mom, you don’t understand how seriously people take this. I’m coming over tonight and… I’m going to tutor you.’ Obviously, I’m going to need all the help I can get.”

Guest judges on the show don’t just sit down and hand out scores, they are given a large binder full of competitor bios and a recap of how they have performed so far on the show. Once they are fully caught up with the process they appear on a single show to lend some extra star power to the judging panel.

As an added bonus for Cher fans, Monday’s show will pay tribute to her long career.

With her farewell tour upon us we can’t see to escape Cher these days, especially in terms of talent shows such as NBC’s The Voice and now Dancing With The Stars.

Do you think Chaz Bono is a good mentor for Cher given his experience on the show?

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