Thieves Steal And Gang-Rape Pet Dog

On Wednesday a dog was stolen from outside an Edeka supermarket in the Neukölln area of Berlin, while her owner was inside shopping.

Kessie, a three-year-old Bardino-Galgo mix, was welcomed back by her owner, only identified as 30-year-old Lena H. Lena’s joy soon turned into shock and disbelief after she was told by veterinarians that her pet had been gang raped.

They believe that the pet was gang raped by the thieves, and received external and internal injuries.

Kessie’s owner discovered that her dog was missing when she left the store. Desperate to try to find it, she and her flatmate put up missing dog signs in the area. She was contacted on Thursday by an animal shelter in nearby Lichtenberg, and was told that the pet was with them.

However, they told her that Kessie had abdominal injuries which were most likely caused by a sexual assault. The BZ Newspaper reported that when veterinarians examined the dog they found that the injuries could not have been caused by ‘herself or another dog’.

The veterinarians think that more than one attacker may have been involved in the abduction and the rape. The police are now investigating the case following a request from Lena.

She told the newspaper that Kessie is now recovering well and is in a better physical condition. She added that it would take her and the pet a while to overcome the shock of the ordeal.

The phenomenon of humans having sexual intercourse with animals is often referred to as bestiality, but the more accurate term is Zoophilia.

In most countries all forms of zoophilic acts are prohibited. However, some societies only deal with mistreatment aspect of animals, without specific mention of sexual activity.

In the UK, for example, images of a person performing or appearing to perform an act of intercourse or oral sex with an animal are forbidden.

However in Germany sexual activity with animals IS permitted. Only the promotion of animal-oriented pornography is prohibited.

So dogs in Great Britain can be safely left outside supermarkets. But dog owners in Germany need to take care.