Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Considers Rehab After Latest Video Revealed

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is apparently considering rehab after a new video surfaced showing him making a death threat. Ford already admitted this week to smoking crack cocaine after a different video appeared to catch him in the act.

Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, explained on Friday that the mayor is “considering his options” and “treatment is one of them,” reports The Washington Post. However, Morris added that “it’s best we hear from his lips.”

The controversial mayor already apologized for his bad behavior and admitted he needs to slow down on his alcohol consumption. However, he has refused to resign or take any leave of absence, much to the frustration of his opponents and allies on Toronto’s City Council.

Mayor Ford was mobbed by the media on Friday at City Hall, but didn’t discuss with them what his next steps may be. Before walking into an elevator, he commented, “I’m dealing with a serious personal issue right now. Please give me time.”

The comments came after a new video was revealed to the public, where he is shown staggering around a living room in a rage, threatening to kill someone, notes USA Today. The visibly agitated politician shouts, “I’m gonna kill that [expletive] guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder.”

While his target isn’t revealed in the video it’s clear Mayor Rob Ford doesn’t want him to live. He adds at one point, “I need [expletive] 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead… No hold barred brother. He dies or I die.”

Ford called a hasty press conference outside his office after the video surfaced and sought to explain himself, saying that he was “extremely, extremely inebriated” when the video was taken. He added, “It’s extremely embarrassing. The whole world is going to see it.”

Rob Ford is a conservative who was elected Toronto mayor three years ago on promises that he would limit government and “stop the gravy train in City Hall.” Along with refusing to resign, Ford also vowed to seek re-election, despite the controversy surrounding his first term.

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