Google takes on font nerds with Helvetica switch-out

Into fonts?

Then you’ll probably appreciate one of the pranks cooked up by Google this year on the internet’s biggest holiday, April Fools Day. If you’re not a typography nerd, you may be unaware that Helvetica has a bit of status as a revered, serious and well-respected font among fans. (For instance, it’s used on much of the official New York City signage, like the subways.)

As loved as Helvetica is for its clean lines and sleek lack of serifs, Comic Sans is very much hated among people who get emotional over fonts. (A website has long existed urging pretty much anyone who isn’t writing comic book speech bubbles to please, for the love of God, not use Comic Sans for any professional application, or pretty much any application.) And despite protestations from graphic designers and website makers everywhere, people continue to use it for business communication, websites and email signatures. SO EMBARRASSING.