CMA 2013, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Go Duck Dynasty On Blurred Lines [Video]

CMA 2013 kicked off the night with Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and the Duck Dynasty crew doing a parody of Robin Thicke’s popular song Blurred Lines. The new version was called Duck Lines and featured the A&E stars Willie and Jase Robertson, as well as their wives.

Underwood and Paisley hosted the awards and took turns taking shots at everything from Obamacare to Miley Cyrus. But the opening act was most certainly the hit of the night. Replacing lyrics like, “I know you want it,” with “I know you hunt it,” and “You’re a country girl,” instead of “You’re a good girl.” The words “Quack, quack, quack” replaced “Hey, hey, hey.” The crowd went crazy when the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty stepped out onto the stage.

Immediately after the Blurred Lines cover, the Robertson family presented the single of the year award to Florida Georgia Line, who won for “Cruise.”

Paisley and Underwood teased the crowd before the song with this banter:

“What a crazy time to be alive today. There’s two major phenomena going on in pop culture today. ‘Blurred Lines’ with Miley Cyrus tweaking right beside him,” Paisley told the audience.

“And a TV family that hasn’t shaved since the Reagan administration and makes duck calls,” Underwood continued.

As the popular tune started up, Paisley and Underwood were joined by camouflaged women in overalls. Paisley played guitar and Underwood showed off her vocals. Eventually they were joined by a dancing and singing Duck Dynasty crew. Don’t worry, there was no “twerking” involved. The song, Blurred Lines, blew up especially after the VMA’s where Miley Cyrus made a lot of waves with her twerking.

CMA 2013 marked the 47th year of the popular awards show. Watch the fun video of the Duck Dynasty crew doing a parody of Blurred Lines below: