North China Explosions Kill 1, Injure 8

Several explosions in North China have left one person dead, while injuring 8 others, after they were detonated near Taiyuan’s Communist party building.

It has been reported that several small bombs exploded in front of the structure, which is located in Taiyuan, a northern Chinese city, which is the capital of the Shanxi province, on Wednesday.

Xinhua, an official Chinese news agency, has confirmed that the bombs were “small-scale” and they exploded outside Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party’s office building.

The news service went on to add, “Judging from the scattering of small metal balls, it is suspected that improvised bombs exploded.” There is still yet to be any further information, or an explanation, for the attack.

However, attacks and bomb explosions, just like these, happen on quite a regular basis in China, and they are normally orchestrated to help draw attention to the government’s instability.

China has the world’s second-largest economy, however there is now a huge chasm between poor and rich individuals in the country. This has lead to a growing resentment towards the corruption that has engulfed the nation, while environmental issues have also caused the debate to become more heated too.

It’s believed that seven explosions were set off on Wednesday, and residents and civilians in and around the area soon began to evacuate the vicinity of the blasts after they were completed.

Almost immediately after their detonation, an inordinate amount of Chinese citizens began to populate various social media website with images of smoke bellowing out of the streets circulating the office block.

You could also clearly see that windows from parked cars had been blown out, while Emergency trucks inundated the surroundings too.

The People’s Daily newspaper’s microblog has since confirmed that eight people were injured in the attacks, while one person unfortunately succumbed in the incident. One of the eight who was injured is allegedly in a serious condition.

China’s government are still looking to find the people responsible. Last week, Islamists were held accountable for an attack in central Beijing.

This tragedy saw a car crash into several bystanders near Tiananmen square, before it eventually exploded. The three people in the car, and two innocent bystanders, were killed.

Security in China has been increased before several of the country’s top leaders gather in Beijing, for a plenum meeting, to discuss several key reforms for the country. There were two other attacks in 2011 and 2005, which also resulted in a further 4 deaths and dozens of injuries.