2010 NFL Draft one year later: Detroit Lions

Let us put aside the fact that the Detroit Lions are my team, and that I am a native Detroiter. Other wise this article would sound a lot like me bathing in some Lions butter. Homer I am not, but the 2010 Detroit Lions draft class is one of the best ever, and continues to get better each and every day. Let us forget that they drafted the defensive rookie of the year and really look at the pieces they added and how those pieces made this team better not only in the present but heading into the future.

Here is a quick look at the 2010 Lions draft class:

  • Round One (2nd)- DT Ndamukong Suh
  • Round One (30th)- RB Jahvid Best
  • Round Three (66th)- SS Amari Spievey
  • Round Four (128th)- OT Jason Fox
  • Round Seven (213th)- DE Willie Young
  • Round Seven (255th)- WR Tim Toone

First things first this team had a need at OLB that they failed to address in last year’s draft and now that need is larger in 2011. With that being said this is nearly a perfect draft class. They picked up a big time prospect in Suh, and he happened to play at a position of need. His impact on this club has been immense. Later they traded up into the bottom of the first round and got RB Best and he had a pretty good year even though a turf toe limited his effectiveness. In the third round they got Spievey and they converted him into a starting strong safety. Jason Fox may not have played much in year one, but is developing to be a bigger piece down the road. Young may one day work himself into the rotation at DE, and Toone went on IR with an injury.

This team landed three starters, and two high quality backups. That is an excellent draft anyway we choose to dissect it.

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