Speed freaks rejoice – Intel shipping bigger and cheaper SSDs

For those of you that aren’t familiar with SSDs that is the acronym for Solid State Drives which are the best things to happen to computers since Moore made up some silly law.

Well, okay maybe not that great but for people who want their computers operating as fast as possible the standard IDE hard drives are actually pretty slow. Not so with SSDs because rather than writing data to physical hard disk platters the SSD writes it to flash ram which gives you a great big bump in accessing and writing data.

The big problem with SSD though is that it is expensive, very expensive. Granted the prices have been coming down but for the average they are still out of our price range. So this news from Intel that they are going to start shipping bigger solid state drive at lower prices is welcome news indeed.

These new drives, the SSD 320 Series, are coming soon in the following configuration:

  • 40GB: $89
  • 80GB: $159
  • 120GB: $209
  • 160GB: $289
  • 300GB: $529
  • 600GB: $1,069

There is a faster series, the 520 Series, but we don’t have a set of prices for them yet.

via CrunchGear

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