Man Smuggles Snake On A Plane, Gets Arrested [Eyewitness Report]

A man smuggled his pet corn snake on an easyJet flight from Tel-Aviv to London, causing some disruption.

The man was arrested as the plane arrived at London’s Luton airport. As it so happens, the writer of this article was not only present on the flight, but was sitting in the row in front of the snake smuggler!

It all started when I boarded the flight at Tel-Aviv airport on my way to visit family in London. The man in the row behind me was arguing with the stewardess when she had asked him to stop photographing the inside of the cabin on his iPad.

It was clear to me at this point that the man wasn’t completely normal, as was evident from the bizarre interaction he was having with the easyJet staff.

He was complaining about the policy of not being allowed to bring his own water on the flight due to standard airport regulations. The manner in which he addressed the cabin crew was aggressive and, as I said before, bizarre.

About half-an-hour after take off, a woman who was sitting next to the man screamed and was moved, for some reason, to a seat at the front of the plane.

It transpired that the strange gentleman had reached into his inside pocket and pulled out his pet corn snake which he then put in a small tupperware container he had with him.

The head stewardess had some serious words with the man and took the snake to the back of the aircraft, keeping it in a metal hold case for the remainder of the flight.

The atmosphere in the cabin was heavy, people were arguing and becoming frustrated. A man sitting a few rows away was cursing and I thought he was about to hit the snake smuggler who was arguing loudly with the cabin crew.

Rumors were circulating among the passengers as to what would happen when the plane arrived at its destination. Some people even said that the aircraft would probably make an emergency landing due to seriousness of the situation.

When we arrived at London’s Luton airport we were told to remain seated with our seat belts on, the plane door wide open letting the brisk London air into the aircraft.

After a few minutes we were allowed to leave the airplane, as the snake smuggler was arrested by two heavily armed British police officers.

The man was allowed to retrieve his luggage from the airport terminal, under the watchful eye of the British police officers and airport authorities.

He was then processed by the customs authorities and detained for at least two hours before being allowed to go home.