Ron Burgundy Returns: Boise Anchor Does Entire Halloween Broadcast As ‘Anchorman’ Character

Boise anchorman Paul Gerke dressed up as Anchorman Ron Burgundy for his Halloween costume, but the sports anchor took it a step further — he stayed in character the entire broadcast.

Dressed in his finest red suit and plastered with a fake bushy mustache, Gerke read the sports as if he were Anchorman character Ron Burgundy.

The Boise newscaster did a great job, matching Ron Burgundy’s deep voice and penchant for making up things on the spot. Gerke slipped in a gratuitous Dodge Durango plug, referred to Boise State University’s basketball coach as the “shooty-hoops coach,” then guessed that the number of first-place votes for college basketball teams was actually the number of players on the team.

“I believe the parentheses denote the number of players on each team,” he said in the spot-on Ron Burgundy impression. “That’s no wonder Kentucky is so good!”

He stayed in character throughout the rest of the broadcast, which included an awkward interaction with the rest of the news crew.

“I feel like you should probably put me on camera right now, I want to be alone… ” Gerke said.

He finished it out by reading the weather forecast, and at the end seemed to have a bit of trouble figuring out what the weather numbers and symbols meant.

“Wednesday, Thursday… 30 percent chance of those days happening. Watch out for the apocalypse,” he said.

Though the original Anchorman movie is close to a decade old, it has stood the test of time and Ron Burgundy remains an iconic character. It’s so popular in fact that when word of a sequel was released nearly every bit of news from the production and filming of the movie made its way to websites and news outlets.

Anchorman 2 is set to be released on Christmas Day, but fans who don’t want to wait that long to once again see Ron Burgundy can check Boise anchorman Paul Gerke.