Ashanti’s Website Removed After Igniting Protests

Universal/Motown and Ashanti have jointly decided to remove the website following pressure from civil rights leaders.

You see, the website, with the main purpose of selling Ashanti’s album, carries with it a fake killing spree news. It also allows website visitors to personalize the news by selecting their weapon of choice. In the music video, Ashanti is shown stabbing her cheating boyfriend to death.

I think, the plan here is for the website to generate that much noise and become noticeable. They couldn’t care less if people are offended (they should have thought of that even during the planning stages of the campaign for this album). Okay, they are concerned though I still think that everything is just about the noise.

“The Way That I Love You” is the first single from Ashanti’s new album, “The Declaration,” which debuts at No. 6 on the Billboard 200.