Butcher Chops Up Pregnant Girlfriend And Feeds Her To Vultures

A butcher in Spain has been arrested for allegedly killing his 30-year-old girlfriend, who was pregnant, chopping up her body, and then feeding it to vultures on a nature reserve.

Police say that 32-year-old Jose Miguel Tamayo killed Carolina Bernal Gomez after discovering that she was pregnant. Tamayo then apparently chopped his girlfriend into bite-size pieces and took her remains to a popular nature reserve north of Madrid.

It is thought that he chose that particular reserve as it is home to a number of wild vultures and is the only nature reserve in Europe that has the birds.

The relationship between Tamayo and Gomez, who was from South America, has apparently been stormy for some time before her death. Tamayo aroused police suspicions when it was discovered that he had waited for many weeks before reporting his girlfriend missing and then gave statements which contradicted each other.

Juan Pablo Herranz, the deputy minister in Guadalajara, said that the killing seemed to take place on the spur of the moment as opposed to being premeditated: “The victim had not lodged any complaint of ill-treatment at any time and it seems as if it was a spur of the moment killing.” he said.

Although most birds have little to no sense of smell, vultures are known to be able to smell rotting flesh from a mile away.

It remains to be seen what sentence the accused man will receive when his trial comes to court. As well as many other questions that still remain unanswered.

Did the man murder his girlfriend just because she was pregnant? And why having killed her, did he go all the way to a nature reserve in order to feed her to vultures?

It is hoped that some of these questions will be answered following the man’s trial.

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