Caz Pal: Michael Phelps Mystery Girlfriend Pics

Vegas Confidential reported earlier this week that Michael Phelps new girlfriend is Caz Pal, a 26-year-old cocktail waitress at Moon nightclub at the Palms.

According to Norm at Vegas Confidential, her MySpace page lists her hometown as Long Beach, California, and that she attended Cal State Northridge. She doesn’t list swimming or the Olympics or Olympians as interests.

Being a 14 times Olympic medallist must give you some serious pulling power because Caz Pal is undeniably hot, although in a very “obvious way”. I suppose at least she doesn’t list her occupation as “dancer”. Wonder what his mom will think when she sees the photo below. Soon find out, since Michael took Caz home to meet the family this Thanksgiving.

Via SportsbyBrooks