Mississippi Chupacabra Shows Up Just In Time For Halloween [Video]

A Mississippi chupacabra sighting has been reported, just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year — but like most chupacabras, the one most recently reported is likely an ugly version of some other, common animal.

Claims of a chupacabra in Mississippi echo sightings of the cryptozooid in the past. The idea of the chupacabra as a mythical beast is decades old, but no verified chupacabra has ever been captured, dead or alive.

We’ve been hearing chupacabra stories semi-annually ever since the internet became a common thing, and they’re all basically similar — from far away, a mangy animal (most likely a dog) is spotted, and its lack of physical attractiveness prompts people to believe it’s something else.

Mississippi resident Jennifer Whitfield is one half of the duo who spotted the chupacabra in Picayune, and she says her son Justin suggested the possibility of a sighting.

Whitfield explained that if “a zombie had a dog, it would look like” the alleged chupacabra. Whitfield and her son, 11, filmed the unidentified beast and posted the image to the web — and her neighbors, Jonathan Denton and wife Amanda, also saw the strange animal.

Amanda said that she didn’t even consider chupacabras, but her Google searches kept leading back to them:

“I kept looking up ‘hairless coyote,’ and it kept saying ‘chupacabra.’We’ve been running back and forth to our cars because we didn’t want the chupacabra to get us.”

Jonathan suggested that the chupacabra sighting could be genuine… because the beast eluded animal control? He explains:

“I didn’t know what it was, but then Animal Control couldn’t find it, so maybe it was a chupacabra.”

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi

The observation seems to echo a common thread in the pattern of cryptozooid sightings like with the Mississippi chupacabra… that somehow, the animal is not only smart enough to evade human detection, but to even do so after its death, preventing carcasses from ever being found. While all sorts of intelligent animals regularly live where they can be observed by humans, these rumored beasts seem to know precisely how to never, ever be caught.

Local teen Caroline Cooper said her dad thought it was a different sort of cryptozooid, telling WLOX:

“My dad said that it was a ‘squatchdog’ because he’s obsessed with watching ‘Finding Bigfoot.’ ”

The station contacted the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, where Master Sergeant David Burnette explained that the beast is most likely a coyote with mange — adding that it was “probably sick, weak, and not able to hunt on its own, so it’s going to the nearest food source it can find.”

Do you think the Mississippi chupacabra could be the general article, or is it indeed another common animal with mange?

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