Chupacabra Alert: Texas Teen Claims He Bagged Mythical Beast

Another chupracabra sighting has come out of- where else?- Texas, where a young teenage boy claims to have shot and killed one of the mythical beasts.

13-year-old Carter Pope of La Salle wasn’t unfamiliar with the rumors about chupacabras. But unlike the sighting earlier this month in which a wildlife expert snapped pics but ultimately rejected the notion the animal sighted was a chupacabra, Pope feels pretty sure the animal he hunted and killed was one of the cryptids.

Pope explains what happened:

“It just walked across and started shaking, slowly moving across.

“There was no hair at all on it. Its back legs were shrivelled up. I mean, I honestly think it’s a Chupacabra.”

His dad was skeptical too, but changed his mind when he surveyed his son’s kill:

“I thought, ‘I’m dreaming or this kid is crazy, but probably a little bit of both’.

I know it looks like nothing I have ever personally seen before.”

The jury is still out on what species of animal definitively fell prey to Pope’s mad hunting skills out in the prairies of La Salle, but skin samples from the unidentified creature have been sent for testing to determine if chupacabres really are roaming the wilds of Texas. Do you believe?

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