Missing Kansas Man, David Welch, Writes Notes To Family While Dying From Car Crash

A missing Kansas man named David Welch wrote love notes to his family while dying from a car crash.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the family of the missing Kansas man organized a search for David Welch back in September.

The family hoped David Welch might check his Facebook assuming he was still alive:

“Dear Dave, it has been 7 weeks since you left. Your wife, children and grandchildren miss you more than the sky is high. Your classmates and friends are concerned for your health and want to help. As we sit at home tonight with tears welling up; Our hearts aching, we wonder where you are. We only pray that you see this message and ask God to bring you home soon. We love you!”

Police believe the missing Kansas man veered off the road and plummeted into a ravine where he became trapped inside his car. David Welch spent days, or perhaps even weeks, writing letters to his wife and four sons. But the contents of these notes are considered private and will not be released.

Even so, David Welch’s wife decided to share details through Twitter:

“Dave was entrapped in the vehicle down the 50-foot ravine, he wrote each of us a love note. He knew he was dying and there was no way out.”

But what caused the accident of David Welch? Riley County Police Department says they’ve checked several reasons:

“At this time officers confirmed that there was no reason to believe Welch was currently in danger of harm or had known medical issues that may cause him to be in danger.”

The family hasn’t said why the missing Kansas man was 850 miles from home near a deserted road off of Interstate 70. He apparently left the home without telling anyone a reason or giving a destination. Based upon analyzing the tire marks they believe David Welch was not braking or attempting to turn away from the drop off. Police believe it’s possible he simply fell asleep at the wheel but the medical examiner hasn’t determined the cause of death.

What do you think happened to the missing Kansas man named David Welch?