‘Saints Row 4’ Superpowers Will Soon Come With An Outfit To Match

Saints Row 4 and superpowers seem to go hand in hand. It’s the game you either love or hate, and both for possibly very valid reasons.

The haters cling to the fact that the series started as a Grand Theft Auto clone about rival gangs, because after Saints Row: The Third, the game stopped taking itself seriously. Volition intended it that way, because they were trying to make it more and more outrageous with each game, and there was only one way to go further. They went for all-out parody.

Others love Saints Row 4 simply because it doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s arguably the best parody game ever made, taking shots at The Matrix, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, and even some of the old-school video game hits.

Adding superpowers to Saints Row 4 just came with the territory. The game is about having your character stuck in a simulated reality and trying to fight an alien invasion by hacking it. The results of these hacks give you powers from the usual variety of Marvel superheroes, such as the Human Torch’s ability to light things on fire, Iceman’s similar and opposite talents, and even slamming the ground like Hulk.

You’re literally a superhero in Saints Row 4, a product of hacking the simulation enough to give you an edge over an army of aliens out to stop you. As long as you have Saints Row 4‘s superpowers, Volition has decided to offer some outfits to help you look like a superhero, spandex and all.

The Super Saints Pack will run you only $3 on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live, and give you access to one of five superhero suits and a new weapon: the Large Submachine Gun.

Here’s hoping the new weapon is at least more useful than the robot arm minigun already in the game. That one has about the accuracy of a Storm Trooper’s rifle from Star Wars: You’ll be lucky to hit anything you aim at.

With the addition of new outfits and a weapon you might find the Punisher using, Volition seems to have the superhero bases covered.

Just because the outfits seem gender specific, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like it, however. You could dress up your male President of the US in a form-fitting lady superhero suit. Face it, who’s going to stop you? The game almost encourages making your character look about as odd as possible to fit the theme of the game itself.

Will you take advantage of the new Super Saints Pack DLC to show off your Saints Row 4 superpowers?