Kyrie Irving Returns As Uncle Drew For Third Video

Kyrie Irving is back as Uncle Drew in the latest installment of the Pepsi Max basketball series, and this time he’s bringing along two new friends.

This week Pepsi released the third video in a series that sees Irving dress as an elderly pick-up basketball player to take on unsuspecting players.

The third video in the Uncle Drew series stretches the story a bit further, taking Irving to a jazz club to visit his old friend Lights, who quite predictably is an old man with some serious game. They’re also followed by Betty Lou, who warns Lights not to play on his bad knees.

The video then goes back to the tried-and-true Uncle Drew format, bringing Kyrie Irving into a pick-up game where he dominates the younger-looking players. It’s becoming a bit harder in the third video to suspend disbelief, and this one comes off looking more staged than the other two (and at this point, who wouldn’t know immediately that the old man is Kyrie Irving?).

While the video is indeed staged (as the first two were), it’s still plenty of fun to see Kyrie light it up against younger players and to guess which NBA player is playing Lights (in case the jumpshot or the dunk didn’t give it away, it’s Bulls guard Nate Robinson). It’s also fun to see Betty Lou (Maya Moore) jump in and play a bit herself.

Kyrie Irving has already released two Uncle Drew videos, the first where he goes to a court by himself to jump into a pickup game, gradually dropping the old-man act and showing off his skills. In the second video he brings along Uncle Wes (Kevin Love), who Irving said did an amazing job with his character.

“I told him to be in character and he was,” Irving said. “He did a phenomenal job.”

At the end of the video, Kyrie Irving teased the fourth installment of the Uncle Drew series, saying he was going to bring back “the big man.”