Woman Who Filmed Four-Year-Old’s Sex Abuse And Blamed Diet Pills Is Jailed

ohio woman jailed

An Ohio woman has been jailed for 15 years for performing sex acts on a four-year-old girl and filming them on her phone.

Tanai Fortman, aged 32, pleaded guilty to the charges of rape and pandering sexually oriented materials. She previously claimed that she had no memory at all of the incident, or the fact that she filmed it, alleging that she had consumed “too many diet pills” and had “blacked out.”

The incident occurred at Fortman’s Springboro home in Ohio. The video clips of the sexual abuse on the child were discovered by Fortman’s boyfriend, who had checked her phone because he suspected she was cheating on him.

The boyfriend immediately contacted the police, noting that some of the lewd video clips had been emailed to other people. When the accused woman was asked about the videos found on her phone, she said she didn’t remember making them, and claimed the diet pills she took left her unconscious.

She admitted to police during interrogation that she had been working back in June for an “online sexting company” and received a message from them asking her to send video clips of her and the young girl.

When Fortman appeared in court for sentencing in Lebanon, Ohio on Friday, Judge James L. Flannery sentenced her to 15 years behind bars. She will have to register as a sex offender upon her release.

As well as the hefty prison sentence, Fortman will also have to register her current address with authorities at least once every three months until she dies.

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