Dancing With The Stars: Snooki Gets Emotional As She’s Sent Home

Dancing With The Stars: Snooki Gets Emotional As She's Sent Home

Dancing With the Stars sent home the spirited reality star Snooki in an elimination that had the audience gasping with shock and the reality television star wiping away tears.

The episode featured the eight remaining contestants performing an individual dance and a Halloween-themed dance, and also what turned out to fans to be a shocking elimination.

Snooki was in the bottom two with Bill Engvall, but it was Snooki who was sent home. To make matters worse, the reality television star was still dressed as a zombie from her Halloween performance when she was sent packing.

It certainly wasn’t for lack of effort that Snooki was eliminated. She was one of the hardest workers on the show and endeared herself to fans, but in the end tripped up in the samba and fan voting. In the final Dancing With the Stars performance, Snooki said she was trying to channel Beyonce, and the judges noted that she had some problems keeping up with the pace.

“I feel stupid,” Snooki said adding, “I don’t feel positive.”

Still, despite the difficulties, many expected Snooki to stay over Engvall. When her name was announced, gasps of surprise went through the audience.

Snooki herself was very emotional, and wiped away tears as she tried the find the words to speak to host Brooke Burke-Charvet.

“I can’t even talk right now,” she told Burke-Charvet. “I love everybody here.”

Maybe Snooki can find some comfort now that she’s been eliminated, or at least some respite from the show’s grueling training schedule.

Valerie Harper, who was eliminated earlier this year, said it actually came as a relief once she was kicked off the show.

“I’m sad to leave the group and the people, and the fun, the interactions and the challenges, but my knees are in bad shape. Not terrible, not that I need surgery, but they need a rest,” Harper told E! News after the elimination. “These knees are 74-year-old and they are barking.”

Now that Snooki has been eliminated, there are seven Dancing With the Stars contestants remaining — Amber Riley, Brent Daugherty, Elizabeth Berkley, Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne, Leah Remini, and Bill Envall.