Paris Hilton Wears Miley Cyrus VMA Halloween Costume To Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Party


Paris Hilton channelled Miley Cyrus for her Halloween costume this year, dressing as the twerking superstar for Hugh Hefner’s annual Playboy Mansion party.

The Playboy mogul’s soiree took place on Saturday October 26, but she wasn’t alone in her homage to the former Hannah Montana star, with Hefner’s wife, Crystal Harris, joining Hilton, while her 87-year-old husband attended the shin-dig as Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards companion, Robin Thicke.

The 32-year-old donned a replica of Cyrus’ infamous gray teddy bear outfit, alongside a pair of silver stilettos, while she also replicated her VMA hair-do too, by placing her bouffant in little buns, as well as wearing heart-shaped sunglasses.

Hilton clearly enjoyed the party too, taking to Twitter to write, “So much fun last night! Loved rocking my @MileyCyrus costume! Such a cute fun look.”

Alongside both Hilton and Harris was Joan Rivers who also dressed up as a demonic version of Cyrus’ foam fingered teddy bear for E’s Fashion Police show.

You can check out a picture of Rivers’ Cyrus here:

Here’s an image of Hugh Hefner’s Robin Thicke and Crystal Harris’ Miley Cyrus:

Cooper Hefner, Hugh’s 22-year-old son, clearly enjoyed the soiree, taking to Twitter to inform his followers, “We celebrated Halloween at the Mansion last night good company, drinks and a haunted house to top it off. Another fun Halloween party.” The heir to the Hefner fortune spent all night uploading images to Twitter of him partying with his dad, Paris Hilton, his step-mother and Jon Lovitz.

Cyrus discussing the reasons why she picked out the costume, which she called “funny” and intentionally “creep,” with Rolling Stone last month, stating, “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you. When I’m dressed in that teddy bear thing, I think that’s funny.”

She then continued, “I was saying yesterday, I had this obsession about this character that’s like an adult baby. Like, if you see a baby do something like that, it’s so warped and weird, but there’s something creepily hot about it. So when I’m in that teddy bear suit, I’m like a creepy sexy baby.”

Whose Miley Cyrus outfit impressed you the most? Have you spotted any more creative examples this Halloween? Did you go to a Halloween party as Cyrus this year?

[Image via Instragram]