George Clooney’s New Mystery Love Revealed As Amal Alamuddin

Since splitting from Stacy Keibler it seems like everyone has clamoured to see who will be the next arm candy for George Clooney. Earlier in the month it was reported that following his split from Stacey Keibler, Clooney hooked up with old flame Monika Jakisic. Unfortunately that seems to have been short-lived, because it’s suspected that Clooney has already moved on.

Last week George Clooney was spotted having a playful date night with Amal Alamuddin. The two were seen having some dinner at Berners Tavern, and they both looked as happy as can be, especially Alamuddin who looked smitten to be making a getaway with the Hollywood giant.

According to E! Clooney’s new main squeeze is an international lawyer, of extradition, human rights, and criminal law, and is also listed as London’s Hottest Barrister list in 2013. Add the fact that Amal is fluent in English, Arabic, and French, and it seems as though Clooney has quite the catch on his hands.

The fact that Clooney would be attracted to someone who has her nose in the political climate makes sense, given Clooney’s hands on philanthropy work and human’s rights advocacy. Over the past few years Clooney has been very vocal about the conflict in Darfur. In addition, George also has strong family ties as Clooney’s father Nick Clooney was an American journalist and reported against the sensationalism in the media. In 2012 George Clooney was arrested outside of the Sudanese Embassy and charged with civil disobedience during a protest.

Interestingly enough, Alamuddin is in the limelight for a reason other than dining with George Clooney. She’s currently representing the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Sweden. In addition it looks like she’s already on Hollywood’s dial as Ashton Kutcher is already following her on Twitter.

Do you think George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are an item?