Kanye West To Sue YouTube Co-Founder Over Proposal Video

For Chad Hurley, trying to make a follow-up to YouTube’s enormous success has been incredibly hard. Hurley, a co-founder of YouTube, decided to launch MixBit, a video-sharing service in August of 2013. Now it seems as though MixBit is getting a fair amount of attention due to Kanye West.

The YouTube founder’s MixBit decided it would be a good move to upload the now famous video of Kanye West proposing to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. It was a smart move for Chad Hurley given that our society gravitates towards celebrities in all forms of media. While the video of Kanye West proposing gave the site an instant response, it also made West furious.

Kanye West is reportedly so furious at Chad Hurley and MixBit that he’s threatening to sue the company. According to TMZ, Hurley apparently violated an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) when he leaked the video of Kanye West’s proposal. MixBit’s take on Kanye’s proposal was the longest take of the proposal that the Internet had to offer.

Sources say that the Kanye West proposal was not supposed to be taped at all, and that West is extremely furious that someone present at AT&T Park, where he proposed, secretly taped and distributed the proposal to the internet. According to TMZ Kanye and Kim have their suspicions of who leaked the video out, and that person was said to have signed a confidentiality agreement, and a lawsuit is imminent.

The footage from Hurley drew in a reported 1.5 million views alone last week. Though it seems like Kanye West was fine with little mini Instagram videos of the proposal, as no news was heard about West’s plans to sue Instagram users.

It’s not yet known why Chad Hurley was at the proposal as it appears that only Kanye West’s and Kim Kardashian’s close friends and family were invited. It seems like Kanye is in the process of trying to figure out why Hurley was a part of his special moment as well.

Do you think MixBit should have leaked the video of Kanye West’s proposal to Kim Kardashian?

[Image credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com]