Five Dead In Brooklyn Family Massacre

Five people were found dead Saturday in Brooklyn after Mingdong Chen, 25, went on a killing spree. The Brooklyn family massacre is said to have been caused because Chen was jealous of this cousin’s family’s success after coming to America.

According to ABC News, Chen faces five counts of murder after killing his cousin’s wife, and her four children. Three young children were found dead at the home, nine-year-old Linda Zhuo, seven-year-old Amy Zhuo, and 18-month-old William Zhuo. Five-year-old Kevin Zhuo and mother Qiao Zhen Li, 37, were both taken to the hospital and then pronounced dead.

The report continued on to say that Li had noticed Chen’s suspicious behavior earlier in the evening. When she tried to call her husband at work, she got no answer, and then called her mother-in-law in China, who also attempted to reach her son with no luck.

Li’s mother-in-law then reached out to her daughter who lived in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. Chief of Department Philip Banks III of the New York Police Department stated that Li’s sister-in-law and her husband went to the home around 11 pm and kept banging on the door until someone finally answered.

“It was Chen, and they could see that he was covered with blood,” Banks said. It was at that point the couple fled the scene and called 911. When police arrived, they were greeted with a gruesome scene.

According to ABC News, Linda, Amy and William were all found in the back bedroom, while Kevin and Li were found in the kitchen. Banks said all five were “cut and butchered with a kitchen knife,” with wounds found on their necks and torsos. When Chen was questioned by police Saturday night, the IBTimes stated the following:

“He [the suspect] was bizarrely calm. He was completely composed and answering their questions – even as they brought out two black bags with the kids in them. He was still calmly answering their questions as the stretcher with the bloody child was rolled right past the car – again, he seemed unfazed.”

The Brooklyn family massacre has sparked fear into many. The family is around the neighborhood as a quite, pleasant family, their kids well mannered and always running around playing. According to ABC News, neighbor May Chan told the Daily News it was “heartbreaking” to learn of the deaths of children she often saw running around and playing.

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