Justin Bieber Says ‘Lets All Help Change The World,’ Evidently Touched By Guatemala

“Lets all help change the world,” writes Justin Bieber, in part of the caption he tagged to an Instagram video posted on Monday (Oct. 28).

The video showed footage taken during the singer’s recent trip to an area in Guatemala with non-profit, international educational organization Pencils of Promise to build a school for children in an impoverished community.

In the clip, Justin is seen with his manager Scooter Braun, Adam Braun (Scooter’s brother), and the singer’s friend and videographer, Alfredo Flores.

Bedecked in the organization’s T-shirts, the group is surrounded by children from the community they visited and all are seen cheering. One boy stands out due to the oversized shades he wears.

Bieber’s full caption explained, “I gave my little friend Ricardo my sunglasses he was showing his friends what the sun looked like with them on… Let’s all help change the world.”

Justin performed in Guatemala on Saturday (Oct. 26) on the Latin America leg of his Believe tour, and joined a construction team from the Pencils of Promise organization and locals for the school build on Sunday, TMZ reported.

In photos taken on the day, the “Heartbreaker” singer is seen working on site with his shirt off (and also on) and interacting with children and other workers.

Bieber even gave the sneakers he was wearing to one child, as seen in pictures, and later said he formed an “instant great connection” with a young girl called Shelly.

Justin Bieber With Little Gautemalan Girl
(Photo: Justin Bieber Instagram, “This little angel”).

The 19-year-old subsequently posted a video titled, “Guatemala Video Confession: Giving is the best,” in which he described the school build experience and meeting materially deprived children and their families as “one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life.”

Justin’s caption added, “I went with Pencils of Promise to work with the people to build a school for their community. This was one of the schools the Believe Tour helped build and to see the people who had nothing but were so happy was amazing.”

Evidently inspired, the singer went on to say the locals had changed him as much as his visit had changed conditions for them. “I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them. You can make a huge difference in this world if you just give to others. It is a feeling like no other,” he wrote.

Justin Bieber In Guatemala With Impoverished Children
(Photo: Instagram)

Founded in 2008 by Adam Braun, the Pencils of Promise organization builds schools and works to increase educational opportunities in three countries — Laos, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

Back in July, it was announced that for each ticket sold in 30 additional shows added to the North America leg of Bieber’s Believe tour, $1 from each ticket would be donated to Pencils of Promise.

Monies raised from these tickets are directed to the Justin Bieber-supported Schools 4 All fund-raising campaign hosted annually by PoP.

After months of salacious headlines and well-documented exploits, the teen star’s trip adds to the sizable outreach work he does and appears to have profoundly altered his perspective.

“It was just a wake-up call for me,” Justin admitted in his video ‘confession.’ “It was like anything, any problem that I have, it’s nothing. It’s nothing at all because these kids they have absolutely nothing. They have no food, no water, no education.”

In seeming wonderment, he added, “And yet, we’re stressing over the little things …They’re so happy. They’re just so happy.”