Four Inmates Escape Oklahoma Jail Through Shower

Four inmates escaped through the shower at an Oklahoma jail after they pried open a maintenance hatch. The four were the first inmates to escape from the two-year-old Caddo County jail in Anadarko.

NBC News reports that the Caddo County Sheriff’s office released a statement after the escape on Sunday morning, saying, “Caddo County Detention Center had four inmates escape from the Detention Center thru the trap door above the shower and then into the pipe chase out the pipe chase door!”

Sheriff Gene Cain added that he first heard of the escape around 2:40 am. Witnesses called in to report men on the street wearing prison uniforms. The guards did a headcount at the jail and discovered four missing inmates.

The inmates at large are Dylan Ray Three Irons, Prime Tounwin Brown, Anthony James Mendonca, and Triston Cheadle. Reuters notes that the four inmates pushed the trap door above the shower loose and gained access to the ceiling crawl space. They crawled through to a room outside the jail, knocked out part of the wall, then walked through a door to freedom.

Cain added, “They had their orange suits on, and at some point a couple blocks south of the jail, they discarded their clothes. We don’t know if someone picked them up and brought them some clothes. They haven’t been spotted since.”

All four men were serving time on unrelated charges for drugs, weapons, and burglary. Irons, 21, Brown, 23, and Mendonca, 24, were convicted of methamphetamine offenses and were awaiting transfer to a state prison, while Cheadle, 32, was awaiting trial on a federal gun charge.

Police in Lawton, Oklahoma and Oklahoma Highway Patrol are helping in the hunt, but haven’t picked up any clues since the early Sunday escape.