Theives Steal Credit Card To Buy Puppy

Stolen Credit Card Buys Puppy

When a thief steals someone’s credit card or cash we expect them to buy booze or drugs. However, one 60-year-old Maryland women’s credit card was stolen to buy an adorable little puppy!

The credit card theft victim was attending a church service when her credit card was stolen out of her vehicle.

The thieves, a man-and-women team, took the credit card and within hours had forged the victim’s driver’s license so they could go on a shopping spree.

So what does a stolen credit card buy? The couple purchased a three-month-old Yorkshire Terrier for $1,100.

The couple were caught on the stores video surveillance equipment as an employee showed them several puppies and then eventually charged the stolen credit card for a Yorkie. Along with the puppy the couple purchased $100 worth of pet supplies, including a crate, leash, brush, collar, shampoo and bowls.

Store manager Jeanea Tobiasz, says of the situation, “It’s unfortunate, I don’t know what their intentions were with the puppy, given that they didn’t pay with their own money.”

Tobiasz says the credit card name matched the driver’s license that was used. She claims that the drivers license looked like the real deal.

After the couple left the pet store they headed to Nordstrom.

Police are still looking for leads and in the meantime the thieving couple walked away with $4,100 in stolen credit card purchases from their church parking lot theft.

More information to follow when police have a lead or arrest the credit card thieving puppy snatchers.