Niall Horan Thinks ‘The Story Of My Life’ Is Among One Direction’s Best Work

Niall Horan One Direction

Niall Horan thinks the new One Direction tune “The Story of My Life” is among the group’s best work. You can listen to the new song below.

Although fans might have a very different opinion about which song is their best, the singer firmly believes the single is towards the top of the heap. During a recent conversation with Capital FM, Niall Horan gave the group’s admirers some insight into the tune’s genesis.

“This track is not actually one that we wrote this time. A good friend of ours and a songwriter called Jamie Scott who’s in a band called Graffti6 — he wrote this song. He’s written a few for us before like ‘More Than This’ and on the last few albums,” the singer explained during the recent interview.

Niall Horan continued, “He’s written a lot with us on this album too. We were in Nottingham on tour when we were touring the UK back in February and March and we just came into a room one day and he was like ‘I’ve got this song that I’ve written and I want to play you’. And we just fell in love with it the second we heard it.”

Sugarscape reports that “The Story of My Life” is a very “passionate” song about — you guessed it — that special someone. Niall Horan added that the new tune is “up there with the best that we’ve brought out.” Considering fans adore just about every song they release, those are very strong words indeed.

According to E! Online, “The Story of My Life” is the second single off the group’s upcoming album Midnight Memories. The collection of songs should arrive on November 25.

Need a sample of the tune’s lyrical content before diving head-first into the song itself? Here’s a sampling from “The Story of My Life”:

“The story of my life/ I take her home/ I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen/ The story of my life/ I give her hope/ I spend her love until she’s broke inside/ The story of my life”

Check out the song in its entirety below.

Here’s what a few fans thought about the latest single from Niall Horan and One Direction. Not surprisingly, everyone seems to be in love with track.

Are you a fan of Niall Horan and the One Direction boys? What do you think about the group’s new single “The Story of My Life”? Will you pick up the new album this November?

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