October 25, 2013
Alec Baldwin Calls 'Rock Of Ages' A 'Complete Disaster'

Did you think Rock of Ages was a horrendously bad movie? Don't worry you are not alone. Actor Alec Baldwin, who played a character in the movie, also believes that the movie was "a complete disaster" that never should have been made.

According to The Wrap, Baldwin was attending the American Magazine Media Conference in New York on Tuesday night, when he began trash talking his own movie to a big group of reporters.

The often controversial actor began by commenting on the state of movies. He told reporters, "Now people's own lives are more interesting than what's in the theaters," and, "They only want Spider-Man."

Not wanting to single anyone out the actor focused on his own big failure with Rock of Ages. The movie is based off the hit broadway musical of the same name. The movie features some of rocks biggest classics including "Paradise City," "I want to Know What Love Is," and "Don't Stop Believing." The movie also featured big names including Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Bryan Cranston, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The critically panned movie cost $75 million to make but took in just $59 million worldwide.

Speaking about the huge failure of the movie Alec Baldwin said, "It was a complete disaster," while adding, "A week in you go, 'Oh God, what have I done?'"

So why did Alec Baldwin agree to make the movie in the first place? He really wanted to work with Adam Shankman, Russell Brand, and Tom Cruise.

There has to be a point when a movies actors realize that they are making a flick that is complete garbage, yet Baldwin fully committed to his character so we give him some props. Here's Alec Baldwin singing with Russell Brand in what might be one of the movies only decent moments:

Sure the movie was a huge flop, but that clip almost makes up for the cost of admission. Okay not really at all, Alec Baldwin is absolutely right, Rock Of Ages as a movie just plain sucks.