Justin Bieber Stripper Reveals More Details, Enjoying New-Found Fame

Justin Bieber’s recent trip to VLive, a Houston strip club, has catapulted the stripper who danced for him into associated celebrity, which may or may not last as long as the qualities of her Diamond namesake.

The singer was in town for a party being held for pal and champion boxer Floyd Mayweather at the nearby club Nox, which the pair attended after their gentleman’s club stop. Snapped shirtless, and nearly pantless, apparently the Canadian had quite a time on Friday (Oct. 18).

But then, what typical 19-year-old male wouldn’t?

After Tweeting about her Bieber experience with eventual viral nuggets such as — “He Touched My A** I Almost Fainted!,” and “I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin Just Had Me In Shock!” — Diamond’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing as TMZ, Toronto’s 92.5 radio, VH1’s The Gossip Table, BuzzFeed and doubtless more came knocking.

As a result, we know now plenty about what happens when an uber pop icon and an equally iconic sports hero walk into a strip club looking for some action.

Packing five foot eight inches and talkative with it, the exotic dancer told BuzzFeed, Justin was one of the “best customers, biggest names, that we’ve ever had” at VLive.

“It was Friday night,” she recalled. “It was around 3 o’clock and it was pretty packed. It was busy. No one had any idea he was coming in. Once it was announced over the mic it was pretty much everyone went crazy.”

Explaining the money picture she tweeted, Diamond said Bieber tipped her over $7000 but spent $10,000 in total. But, according to the stripper, even that paled next to Mayweather’s who made it rain to the tune of $20,000.

“Our stages were covered with money,” she added.

Clarifying her derrière-touching claims, the stripper (who previously said the singer’s hands are “very soft”), said Justin touched her posterior to check for himself if it was real.

“He said it was soft and that it was real,” she says. “Then he smiled at me and it just kind of went from there.”

Justin Bieber Stripper Diamond Talks
Adding to The Gossip Table comments — where Diamond revealed Bieber didn’t drink as the club prohibits alcohol, and was “a good guy … He wasn’t too aggressive. He wasn’t too much, he was calm, relaxed. He’s a teenager becoming a man. He was just doing what younger men do” — the dancer told BuzzFeed the teen star was polite to everyone in the venue.

She added: “I guess because I had never danced for him, I was in shock. He was having a good time. He wasn’t nervous. He wasn’t doing too much talking. He was just enjoying himself and having a good time.”

But, apparently, it was when Justin’s unreleased track featuring rapper-producer Future came on, that he became more animated. “He went crazy when it came on. He started making it rain when it came on,” Diamond says, adding she thought the track was good.

Justin Bieber In Houston, Texas Strip Club On Friday, Oct 18
The stripper says Justin was selective about dancers.

“Only pretty girls could dance for him and I’m glad I was one. He did tell one girl that she couldn’t dance for him,” she told BuzzFeed. “I felt kind of special that I could be one of the chosen ones.”

Inevitably, Diamond hopes Bieber returns to VLive one day. Revealing she hoped he brings Nicki MInaj (“because I love her”) and Drake (“I’m sure you listen to his music — he loves strippers”), she quipped, “Justin might have to go in a little harder next time” if Drizzy showed.

Diamond denies there was any pre-planning before she posted her infamous tweets (which led to Internet trolling from some Beliebers), but says she is now fielding offers for jobs and photo shoots and is inundated with media requests.

“That’s probably the best thing that’s happened since I tweeted about Justin Bieber,” she mused.

We agree, it’s not exactly the plot of Pretty Woman, but maybe it’s as close as.

Justin Bieber Stripper Diamond Tweets Money Picture