Justin Bieber Received A Lap Dance To His Own Music, Says Texas Stripper

Justin Bieber allegedly received a lap dance at a Houston gentleman’s club set to his own music, according to a Texas stripper.

Photos of the shirtless almost pantless 19-year-old partying in Houston’s V Live exploded over the Internet at the weekend, after Bieber and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Friday visit (Oct.18).

The celebrity pair were subsequently spotted at a nearby mainstream club, Nox Houston.

The stripper making the claims, who calls herself DiamondR4Ever, later tweeted about her alleged experience.

“He Touched My A** I Almost Fainted!,” she wrote, adding, “He Was Like Its Real!! (sic).”

Diamond admitted: “I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin Just Had Me In Shock!”

She also posted a snap of a pile of one dollar bills, apparently just shy of $10,000 and courtesy of Bieber.

Among the many responses the stripper received after her Twitter blitz, Perez Hilton replied calling the heartthrob singer a “child” and suggested dancing for Rihanna would shock her more.

Meanwhile, pure fury erupted from some Beliebers.

One such tweet from @biebsourreason, read, “@1real_diamond he don’t even know your name, he don’t even remember you [r] existence. f**k yourself b***h.”

More of the same can be seen here.

The onslaught got so bad, Diamond eventually tweeted: “y’all Deranged Fans Are Not Gone Let Me Live!!!??”

(Photo: Instagram)

Moving on from Twitter trolling by Bieber fans, since her alleged encounter with the pop superstar the stripper has been courted by the media.

On Monday, she tweeted, “They want to interview me way in Canada,” later adding:

Speaking to Kiss 92.5 Toronto radio station in a show that aired on Wednesday (Oct. 23), Diamond told the hosts she lap danced for Bieber to his own music while he smiled from “ear to ear.”

She said the singer arrived at V Live at around 3 am and gave the DJ some unreleased music and she and Justin then danced in the VIP section. “They played some of his new music and just made it rain,” she recalled to VH1’s The Gossip Table, adding that the track featured rapper-producer Future.

The dancer also repeated her assertion that Justin touched her posterior and asked her if it was “real,” adding that his hands were “very soft.”

Diamond was complimentary about Bieber’s conduct in the club, telling VH1. “He’s a good guy … He wasn’t too aggressive. He wasn’t too much, he was calm, relaxed. He’s a teenager becoming a man. He was just doing what younger men do.”

Probed about the reaction of Bieber’s fans online, she replied, “they were just going ballistic (sic).”

Asked by the presenters if she would be “Justin’s girl” if that scenario arose, the stripper replied: “Of course I would!”

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