‘Super Mario 3D World’ Trailer Is The Cat’s Meow [Video]

Super Mario 3D World‘s latest trailer lets us know Mario is back to some of his old tricks, and quite a few new ones.

One of the new changes this time around is Mario getting a cat suit, which allows him a short range melee and dive attack, and the ability to climb walls. This accompanies the comeback of his old Raccoon (Tanooki) suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, which lets the player fly for an extended time.

Right away, the trailer shows us that Mario is back to his old 3D style introduced in the Nintendo 64 and GameCube titles, but more refined this time around. Also returning is the ability to play as one of four iconic characters from the franchise. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are all back to their old Super Mario Bros. 2 shenanigans, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but this time around the game will feature multiplayer for cooperative or competitive gameplay.

As before, Mario is the all-around star, as Luigi jumps higher, Peach can hover in mid jump, and Toad is faster. The Super Mario 3D World trailer seems to be packed with promise for a whole new adventure on the Wii U.

'Super Mario 3D World' could be the reason to buy the Wii U
'Super Mario 3D World' could be the reason to buy the Wii U

Another power-up featured in this new game is the ability to clone your character as many times as you can get away with. This could have its advantages in gang situations, where an extra set of boots to bop baddies on the head with will thin the crowd faster. Of course if the path ends up only enough for one person, your clone will likely reach an untimely demise. Also new to the series is the introduction of special boxes you wear on your head. Cannon, propeller, coin, and light boxes join your arsenal in a new world connected by clear pipes.

Also, do you remember that Hammer Brother that used a boomerang? This time around, Mario and friends can get the same ability, hammering through enemies from a distance while the projectile safely returns.

This Super Mario 3D World trailer could easily bring gamers to the Wii U in record numbers, as fun as the game looks.

The game seems to borrow from almost every successful title before it, as it even unleashes Mega Mario once again, a form that smashes through obstacles as your character grows to a massive size. Of course if you make too many mistakes, beginners will be given a last chance with the White Tanooki, an invincible form that appears to have the same effect as the magic star from earlier games.

All of this and more await Wii U gamers who grab this gem shown off in the latest Super Mario 3D World trailer.