Domo launches ‘pre-social’ app ahead of SXSW

Ever wondered if adding a whole bunch of likes to your Facebook profile would apply in some way in real life?

A new app launching today for iPhone and Android aims to use your Facebook likes to assist you in meeting real people outside your house. Domo calls itself a “pre-social” app, and in a slightly awkward fashion, says it “allows users to find people around them they do not yet know, who would be interesting to connect with.”

Tonchidot, the company behind Domo, says that users of the app log in via Facebook on their mobile device, select which information to share with the people in range who may also be using Domo, and then the app facilitates messaging or just “saying ‘Domo.'”Confused? This statement from Tonchidot’s CEO should clear it right up for you:

“Domo connects people! Domo makes love and peace!” says Takahito Iguchi, Founder/CEO of Tonchidot. “Domo will be in Austin at South By Southwest! We will buy you a drink! We will domo you! We will find many other people we should meet nearby!”

Does that remind anyone else of the Puddi commercial? Domo seems like an interesting bridge between online and real-life connection, if you’re not the type who’s paranoid about meeting internet people offline or terrified of Foursquare. (It’s not compatible with older iPhone software, however.) I’d certainly give it a go if it was compatible with my iPhone- it doesn’t seem like it’s going to force you to talk to people, and the chances your Facebook stalker is in range and also using Domo are fairly slim.

Would you use an app like Domo to meet people? Do you think it’s a cool idea or kind of scary?

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