Has Anyone Ever Died In Your House? New Website Will Tell You

Do you suspect that your house is haunted? A new website might be able to provide you with some hard evidence by telling you whether anyone has ever died in your home.

DiedInHouse.com is the brainchild of Roy Condrey who came up with the idea after a tenant of his South Carolina rental property told him the joint was haunted, reports USA Today. Condrey investigated and found that in most states, there's no law requiring a home seller or real estate agent to tell you, the buyer, whether anyone ever died inside the property you're looking at. Some states, like Texas, do require the disclosure of violent deaths.

Still, Condrey saw a need.

"It's harder to find things like this out than you think," Condrey told the Houston Chronicle."It would bother me if I knew someone died in my house. For instance, I couldn't live in a house where there was a murder-suicide."

Additionally, Condrey said that it's must-know information since it can change the value of a property.

"Some people don't have a problem with knowing someone died in their home, but when you remind them that this knowledge could affect their home values, they change their tune," he said.

For just $11.99, you can use his website to dig through multiple sources in order to figure out whether anyone died your home or prospective home. The site, built over the course of a year, goes through millions of records to provide you with a complete, accurate report.

According to Condrey's estimates, an on-site death can reduce property value by 15 to 25 percent. So far, folks in the housing industry aren't too thrilled with Condrey's site, since it is indeed harder to sell "stigmatized properties." However, a few have "come around," according to Condrey, and even use DiedInHouse.com to run their own searches on listed properties.

The site is also reportedly popular with amateur ghost hunters.

So if you hear one too many bumps in the night or start seeing some weird stuff, jog over to DiedInHouse.com to find out if it's a possible haunting or if you need to get your own head looked at!