Drug Lord In Mexico Killed By Clown Assassins

A drug lord in Mexico was killed by assassins dressed like clowns. That's something you most likely see in movies and such, but it actually happened.

Different sources say Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, the drug kingpin killed was shot by one or several men, though hard data points to the possibility of one gunman and a few accomplices. It has been stated by authorities that the drug lord was shot once in the head and once in the thorax, an attack which could have been made by one gunman. However, one person getting close enough to kill a drug lord seems hard to believe, considering the security the drug lord was probably surrounded with, even retired.

Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, 63, was the leader of the Arellano Felix drug clan, and has seen his younger brothers and partners killed and caught for decades, and even served over a decade in a US jail before being released on good behavior, after which he slipped back to Mexico.

The Mexican drug lord was best known for his involvement in the Tijuana drug trade in the 90s along with his brothers. Murders and arrests led to the drug ring leadership becoming unstable as it was torn apart.

The shooting of the drug lord was done by what witnesses say was either one or several assassins dressed in large wigs and big red noses like clowns at a childrens' birthday party. The murder happened at a family event in Cabo San Lucas, a resort in Southern California known for its tourism. It is very likely that the assailant or assailants used the clown disguise to get close enough to the drug lord to get the shots in before his bodyguards could notice the clowns were a threat.

It is still a subject of investigation exactly what the motive was for the murder of the Mexican drug lord, though speculation suggests that it may have been an ex gang member, unrecognizable under the face paint, out for revenge due to the brutality the cartel was known for. Raul Benitez, a drug trade expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said that the cartel had been shut down completely and it was unlikely that the drug lord was back in the business when he was shot.

Again, all we have is speculation for why the clown assassin or assassins showed up and shot the drug lord.

The drug cartel that the now late Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix was in charge of was known for its violent and aggressive behavior in transporting cocaine, marijuana, and heroin from Mexico into the US. Their ruthlessness was apparently wide-spread in its notoriety. More than 70,000 deaths in Mexico alone have been linked to drug trafficking.

Again, it very well may be several gunmen who shot the drug lord in Mexico, though the shots may have been fired by only one.